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Thanks to all those who have supported the Westcountry Angling Passport...

The Trust would like to thank all those people who have helped the Westcountry Rivers Trust with the development of firstly Angling 2000 and now the Westcountry Angling Passport.  These supporters believe strongly in the scheme as a way of making wild fishing more available for all anglers to enjoy as well as a great way of linking fishing with the restoration and protection of our watery environments.

We would like to thank Mike Weaver and Dominic Garnett for all of their features and articles in the angling press which have consistently helped champion ‘wild fishing in wild places’ and the work of WRT. Their features really help to promote the wonderful environment and fishing of the Westcountry.

Many people have helped WRT by providing photos and text which have been used in the brochures and on the website so thank you to (in no particular order); Simon Steer, Ben Garnett, Luke & Richard Bannister, Pete Tyjas, Ian Davidson, Bob Wellard, Gary Pearson, Adrian Davey, Chris Hall, Nick Hart and David Pilkington.  Your contributions have all been greatly received. Thanks also to Snowbee (UK) who continue to provide great tackle as prizes.

Thanks also to those anglers who send in one-off photos and comments to us.

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