Westcountry Angling Passport
Camel - Delank - South Penquite

2 Tokens

1 Apr - 30 Sept
1400m of single left hand bank.

Access: **

The De Lank is a lovely wild river and this section changes from a placid moorland stream at the top, to a wild rushing torrent at the lower end as it drops off the moor. Due to a barrier at the lower end of the beat it holds a unique population of brown trout. It is slow to start in the spring but from late April onwards fishes well for lots of 4-10” fish with the odd whopper over 2lb. It’s technical fishing though, on a small, woody stream that requires a stealthy and patient approach. Although lightly fished it still produced some 50 brown trout to 9” in 2013.

Fly and worm only. All trout under 7” must be returned, no more than 2 trout to be retained per day. This is a tricky beat to fish and is best suited to worm fishing or a short fly rod. It is a woodland SSSI so only limited trimming is possible although some tree management was undertaken in 2012 with the easiest access available at the downstream end of the beat. It is well worth a try as it epitomises the ‘wild fish in wild places’ ethos of this scheme.

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