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Coarse Fishing

In the Westcountry there is no statutory stillwater close season so with the mild climate you can enjoy coarse fishing all year round.

Waters within the region include the hidden gems of our forgotten farm lakes with their carp, tench, bream and rudd. South West Lakes Trust venues provide larger waters with all popular species including pike on certain lakes. Specialist fisheries within the region will provide specimen hunters with some real rod bending experiences together with angling for unusual species such as koi carp, golden tench, and orfe. Chub, roach and pike inhabit many of the regions eastern rivers and canals with dace showing on some of the lowland reaches as far west as the Tamar and Torridge catchments.

With the exception of large carp and pike an ideal all round choice for stillwater coarse fishing would be a 11-13ft, 1lb test curve rod with a medium to tip action or perhaps a multi tip to cover an even wider range of styles from float to feeder and method fishing. This kind of rod is great for close to medium range lake and canal fishing for most species and will have the sensitivity to detect shy bites yet cast larger baits and play fish away from snags.

Traditional baits such as bread, hemp, sweetcorn, maggots and worm will work well and can be incorporated in loose feed. These baits are readily available from local tackle shops.

A 2lb test curve carp rod will be suitable for most stillwaters holding carp to the low twenties. If you can pre-bait do, and boilies work well if permitted. Stalking with surface baits, bread and even dry flies (emerging buzzers – get that 9-10 ft 6-8wt fly rod out!) can prove very effective on lightly fished waters.

For river coarse fishing, an avon type 9-12 ft rod will cope admirably with any chub, roach and dace likely to be encountered plus a 9-10ft medium to heavy pike rod for fishing plugs and deadbaits where permitted. Many coarse species can be caught on fly tackle but a heavier AFTM rated rod (8-10wt) will be more appropriate for casting bigger pike flies and coping with larger pike and carp.


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