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Practice Catch and Release

More and more anglers are practising catch and realease in order to help protect our valuable fish stocks.  Year on year we are delighted at the Trust to see such a high proportion of fish landed on Passport beats being returned – it has never fallen below 94% since the start of the scheme and we really want to retain this excellent record. Please keep up the good work!

The following are a few useful tips for those wishing to practice catch and release:

  • Use barbless hooks at all times (or flatten the barb), circle hooks if bait fishing and avoid trebles.
  • Minimise the time spent playing a hooked fish.
  • Wet your hands before touching the fish.
  • Carry forceps to remove hooks.
  • Release the fish as quickly as possible and do not remove it from the water.
  • Support the fish in the water until it is sufficiently recovered.
  • For those new to Catch & Release methods click here for a video which demonstrates how to safely release fish .
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